Stock Options

Stock options are often an extremely contentious issue when couples are attempting to divide property in a divorce. People often dispute the value, what portion should be subject to division and the tax implications. No matter which side of the issue you are on, having competent counsel can be a key element to ensuring your side is fairly represented.

San Jose area stock option division attorney Thomas E. Bouman has practiced family and divorce law in Silicon Valley and Northern California since 1984. Our law firm has significant experience representing clients in divorce cases where financial issues are hotly contested, including divorce proceedings where either the husband or wife has significant stock options that are at issue. Contact us today to schedule a private phone consultation with Mr. Bouman at our Santa Clara office if you have questions surrounding the valuation and division of stock options.

At the law office of Thomas E. Bouman, Attorney at Law, each client works directly with Mr. Bouman and receives the benefit of his decades of focused divorce law practice. He knows how to navigate complex property division in divorce issues, including stock option division.

We can help you understand and navigate all of the following stock option division issues:

  • Incentives and payouts
  • What portions are separate or community property
  • Determining the correct separation date
  • Correctly identifying the relevant exercise dates

These calculations are often technical and complex, which underscore the importance of having experienced counsel on your side. While figuring out what stock options are subject to division may be easy, how to divide them properly often becomes complicated and is a key issue that can stall divorce negotiations. We have the legal and negotiation skills to help you resolve these issues in a fair and balanced manner.

Stock Option Division Can Be Confusing. Get Help From an Experienced Santa Clara Employee Stock Options Lawyer

Stock option division is a key component of property division, especially in high-asset/high-income matters or divorce actions involving business executives. Protect your interests by making sure counsel who understands how to handle these technical matters represents you and work toward helping you achieve your goals.

To learn more and receive advice about your specific circumstances, contact the Santa Clara law office of Thomas E. Bouman, Attorney at Law, today to schedule a free phone consultation.