Family Law Practice Overview

California family law is well known for its complexity. What does California community property mean to you in your divorce? What is the definition of parenting time, and how should a visitation schedule be determined? How does the family law court decide between sole or joint physical custody? How will the retirement accounts be split? How will stock options be divided? How long does the divorce process take? What is the difference between a divorce and a legal separation?

Understanding the answers to these questions may determine how you decide to handle the divorce process, your post-divorce financial planning and your future legal relationship to your children.

At the California family law office of Thomas E. Bouman, Attorney at Law, answering your questions correctly and quickly is one of our most important jobs. Since 1984, we have focused almost exclusively on staying abreast of California’s divorce and family laws, because the laws are so complex and evolve over time. Our devotion to a divorce and family law practice allows us to offer our clients legal representation that is based on in-depth knowledge as well as extensive practical experience in the family courts of Santa Clara County and the surrounding areas.

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Divorce: Understanding Your Options, Making Better Decisions

We believe that helping you understand the laws will help you make informed, rational decisions about your divorce, property and child custody issues. We always help our clients get past the emotional aspects of their cases quickly so they can sit down with us for serious discussions about serious legal issues. Then, we work hard to represent you in the skillful, aggressive and cost-effective way our 25-plus years of experience have taught us to.

In our family law practice, our office represents clients in the following divorce-related family law legal issues:

Marital Dissolution

Property and Support Issues

Child Custody and Parenting Time

Other Important Family Law Cases

Divorce and Estate Planning

Because a divorce has a tremendous impact on estate planning, we also help clients write or revise durable powers of attorney for financial needs and health care. The negative consequences of failing to carefully review one’s existing estate plan can be shocking. For example, assets could pass to stepchildren or your ex’s new spouse if you fail to provide a plan for the transfer of trusteeship after divorce or in the event your ex-spouse remarries. We can evaluate your current estate plan, make recommended changes to protect your interests and discuss additional options given your new, post-divorce financial situation.

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To schedule a free consultation about your pending divorce with a family law attorney, contact the law office of Thomas E. Bouman, Attorney at Law. We’ll help you get through this difficult time with compassion and protective attention to your needs.