Domestic Violence / Restraining Orders

Domestic violence and stalking are serious offenses in the state of California. In cases involving bodily harm or violations of a restraining order, perpetrators could face substantial jail time, fines, a permanent criminal record, and continued monitoring by the court. At the Law Offices of Thomas E. Bouman, Attorney at Law, we work with prosecutors, police, and the court in making use of every legal means available to protect victims of domestic violence and stalking. If a restraining order is necessary, we accompany you to court to request a restraining order and will also accompany you to your assigned court hearing. As your lawyer, Mr. Bouman helps prepare evidence, witness testimony, and other information vital to your case. In domestic violence cases, our office consults investigators, psychologists, and medical professionals in gathering evidence and assessing the dangers posed to you and your family.

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How Can a Restraining Order Help Me?

First, a restraining order brings the threat against you and your family to the attention of the court and law enforcement officers. Secondly, should something happen after an order has been issued, the police can immediately pick up the person against whom it was issued. Third, if the restraining order is violated, serious criminal charges and penalties come into play, including jail, fines, even monitoring by the court.

Child Abduction and Restraining Orders

Additionally, if an ex-spouse is threatening to abduct your child and abscond to another state or foreign country, a restraining order can be issued to prevent them from having any further contact or visitation time with your child.

What a Restraining Order Requires

Once a restraining order is issued, it requires the following of the person threatening you:

  • Avoid ownership of a gun
  • Avoid contact with you, your children, relatives, and others that currently live with you.
  • Vacate a house or apartment you may share
  • Continue paying spousal support
  • Pay child support in cases involving divorce
  • Adhere strictly to child custody and visitation guidelines

While these may not be an absolute guarantee of your physical and financial security, they are often an effective means for diffusing threatening situations. And, while a temporary restraining order lasts until your court appointed hearing after your initial request, a judge may keep the order in force for up to five years. Additionally, due to federal legislation, restraining orders are enforceable across state lines should you decide to relocate at some point.

Evidence of Domestic Violence – How You can help Your Case

Regardless of whether you are the victim of domestic violence or a stalker, collecting the following kinds of evidence for presentation at trial is important:

  • Photos of any bodily injuries or damaged property
  • Copies of police reports and emergency room treatment
  • Photos or video of the defendant near your home, property, or workplace
  • Depositions from witnesses or neighbors
  • Bringing witnesses to testify on your behalf before the court
  • Originals or copies of threatening voice messages, hand written notes, or email

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In order to protect yourself and any children that might be at risk, it’s essential that you contact an experience lawyer after calling the police in a domestic violence or stalking case. We understand what needs to be done to assert the rights and protections of those abused and stalked. To schedule a free phone consultation to discuss your case, contact attorney Thomas E. Bouman today.