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Many people who have worked hard to become high-powered business executives fear that their assets will be drained away in a divorce action. On the other side, people married to business executives may be concerned that their spouse may use their business acumen to hide assets or create a lopsided negotiation situation. If you feel like you are in either of these situations, it is in your best interest to consult with a knowledgeable divorce lawyer as soon as you can.

San Jose area business executive divorce lawyer Thomas E. Bouman has over 25 years of family law and divorce experience helping business executives, other high-powered individuals or their spouses negotiate fair settlements that protect all of their interests. Contact us today to learn more during a complimentary phone consultation at our Santa Clara office.

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At the law office of Thomas E. Bouman, Attorney at Law, we understand all of the issues that are relevant to business executives and their spouses when dealing with a marriage ending and navigating a fair divorce.

We routinely handle all types of sensitive financial and other issues involved in divorce actions, such as:

Marital standard of living : Establishing the true marital standard of living that the parties enjoyed is a key factor when negotiating spousal support and property division issues that may affect each spouse’s financial position moving forward after a divorce is finalized. We have a deep understanding of these issues and know how to get your life back in balance.

Spousal support : Does your income fluctuate? Are you or your spouse in a position to seek additional education or training that would allow you to contribute to your own support? Did you curtail your career to raise your children? We can help you understand and factor in all these issues when calculating the proper amount of spousal support or alimony.

Division of stock options, retirement accounts and other investments: We know how to conduct careful analysis and accurate valuations to establish what portion of these assets is separate and community property. It is also critical to look at the tax implications when dividing stock options or other retirement assets, as well as other debt accumulated between the parties during their union.

Professional practice or business valuations: We work with a network of respected experts to help understand the true value of a business executive’s professional practice or what the company he or she owns is worth. Whether the company will be liquidated, earning potential calculations are needed or another arrangement can be worked out, having a detailed understanding of all the financial components can be critical to the outcome you are seeking.

Breach of fiduciary duty : Spouses owe one another the duty of due care when managing marital assets. In high-asset divorces, accusations of mismanagement of marital funds are commonly made, especially when the higher income earning spouse has always been responsible for managing family accounts. These allegations must be defended against in and out of court.

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Early legal advice is always important when it comes to protecting yourself and your future in a divorce case. If you are a business executive, early legal advice and active divorce planning are even more important because these can be crucial to protecting your livelihood and reputation.

To get answers to your questions and a complete explanation of your options during a divorce, contact skilled divorce attorney Thomas E. Bouman. Our office offers complimentary phone consultations to discuss your situation in a private setting.