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Child Custody

Child custody is often the most contentious component in a divorce. Feelings regarding custody and visitation are often strong, as parents battle over … {Read More}

Stock Options

Stock options are often an extremely contentious issue when couples are attempting to divide property in a divorce. People often dispute the value, … {Read More}

Spousal Support

Although the application of spousal support laws change as financial conditions of both parties in marriage dissolution change, alimony is still an … {Read More}

Retirement Assets

As saving for the future becomes more and more critical to successful financial stability, so does the importance of correctly valuating and dividing … {Read More}

Property Tracing

The topic of property tracing in California divorce cases is complex. At the Santa Clara family law office of Thomas E. Bouman, Attorney at Law, we … {Read More}

Prenuptial Agreements

In over 25 years of practicing family law in California, the law office of Thomas E. Bouman, Attorney at Law, has seen a dramatic increase in the … {Read More}

Move Away / Parent Relocation

Regardless of whether or not you have custody of your children, if you decide to relocate to another town or state, the court should be notified. … {Read More}

Marital Standard of Living

When a California family court looks to determine the amount and duration of spousal support for a petitioning party, the marital standard of living … {Read More}

Legal Seperation

Contrary to popular opinion, legal separations have not become extinct under California law. There are still many reasons some persons desire to … {Read More}

High Asset / High Income Divorce

At the Santa Clara family law office of Thomas E. Bouman, Attorney at Law, we frequently represent individuals with high asset levels and/or high … {Read More}

Domestic Violence / Restraining Orders

Domestic violence and stalking are serious offenses in the state of California. In cases involving bodily harm or violations of a restraining order, … {Read More}

Division of Marital Property

Division of marital property in California occurs differently than in many other states. There is no "equitable distribution" in California. Rather, … {Read More}

Business Executives

Many people who have worked hard to become high-powered business executives fear that their assets will be drained away in a divorce action. On the … {Read More}

Breach of Fiduciary Duty

Fiduciary duty essentially means a duty to act responsibly toward money you have control over or access to. Business partners have a fiduciary … {Read More}


Sometimes a nullity action is more appropriate than a divorce. If the Court grants an annulment, it is really saying that the marriage never existed. … {Read More}